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These pictures are from the collection of the webmaster, though some were not taken by him:


Bell Ringers Jeopardy, Fall Dinner, New Castle, 1997.

 Pocheen, Sunday after Spring Dinner 2000 with Lynn. Background John and Bruce.

David, in Bowler hat, cooked at our birthday picnic each year at Saint Martin's.

Adjusting the bell ropes at Saint Mark's for the initial ring
June 11, 1999.


A great shot.  David on the #6 at Saint Mark's June 11, 1999. Debbie Morrison's face, with an expression of absolute glee!

Barefoot bell ringing.

(June 11, 1999)

September 26, 1999 at Pocheen after ringing the first quarter peal at Saint Mark's.

David and Beverly, Spring Dinner, 1998


David, David and Dean at the lichgate at Saint Mary's Burlington April 2000.