Philadelphia AGM

August 13 - 18, 2002

Almost all of these photos are by Thomas Miller, but some are by Brian Zook. 

Tuesday, August 13

St Martin's

St Mark's

Stuffing the registration packets.


Registration Table

Pete makes sure everyone gets the message.

Mary Platt gets help stuffing The Clapper.

Opening reception at St. Mark's

Opening reception at St. Mark's

Carol Heinsdorf and another of her cake creations.

Opening reception at St. Mark's

Bruce Butler welcomes the group to Philadelphia.

Wednesday, August 14

Philly Pretzels

Ringing Course

Derek Saywer at Demonstrates Proper Striking.

Working on the Walking Tour Brochure

Cruising on the Delaware

Crew of the Captain Lucky on the Dining Deck.

Chantal and Mary Meloscia

Brian Zook and Barb Barnes do the Titanic thing.

One of the highlights of the boat trip was getting close to the SS New Jersey.

Tom Miller

Cruising on the Delaware

Another highlight was getting close to the old ocean liner the SS United States.

Pretty Sunset View

Bow of the Sailing Ship Moshulu and St. Peter's Spire.

Walt Whitman Bridge


Philly Skyline


Skyline at Night

Ben Franklin Bridge

Thursday, August 15

Course at St. Martin's

Alan Morrison and Sue Clopper.

Tom Miller and the Picks

Subway Ride to theGame.



The Picks at the Phillies Game

Waiting for the Hot Dog Guy to come by.

Friday, August 16 

Ringing in New Castle, DE

Ringing in New Castle, DE

Ringing in New Castle, DE

Picnic at Mary's

Mary and Nick Meloscia

Carolyn Ormes and Bill Kohlar

Winston and Wendy Moody

Lots of Folks from Little Rock.

Sue & Neil Clopper and Greg Hinson.

Jim and Terry

Barb and Jim Barnes, John Mabe and Dick Dearnley


Picnic at Mary's

Picnic at Mary's

Picnic at Mary's

Saturday, August 17

Wanamaker Bell at PNB

Striking Hammer

William Penn statue

City Hall

Liberty Place

View of Delaware River

Girard Bank, now the Ritz Hotel

Saint Peter's Church

Saint Peter's Pulpit

Organ Loft at St. Peter's

St. Peter's Bells

St. Peter's Bells



Derek Sawyer and the Picks go at a minor method on the Ellacombe.

Another View

Christ Church

Christ Church

Christ Church

Peal Board for first Peal on North America at Christ Church from 1850.

Annual Guild Meeting

Displays at the Banquet

Sue, Mary & Eileen

Don, Nicki, Dawn & Pete

Mary & Sue

Betsy Ross pays a visit

Tom & Barbara

Chantal & Alex Melocsia and friend

Fun at the Banquet

Sunday, August 18

Sunday Afternoon at St. Mark's

Frances Anderson of Houston

Fr Alton intoduces a new friend to Theresa

The Washington Ringing Society also has a good selection of photos on their website with their  webmaster's quirky sense of humor showing through.