St. Mark's Spire  

The  Bells in the tower at Saint Mark's Church have the distinction of having been housed in three different levels in the spire.  In 1876 when the original four bells were installed, they were hung at the level of the large louvers.  The original frame  was designed by Mears and Stainbank for eight bells.  In 1878 when the four lighter bells arrived the new bells and the older ones were hoisted high in the tower.  It is thought that this was done to alleviate the loud sound of the bells from the street.  The bells were placed in a two tiered frame.  This frame was about level with the small upper louvers.  There is evidence that this installation was probably done by the McSchane firm of  Baltimore.  The bells remained in this location for 120 years until their removal in the autumn of 1998.  The bells are now housed in a new steel frame  slightly below the larger louvers.


Construction Pictures


Phase 1 (October 14, 1998 - November 17, 1998)

masonry pockets

removal of wheels

steel beam being loaded off the truck

crane hoisting steel beam

steel beam in window


steel being hoisted inside the tower

#6 with bell hanger from Earye and Smith

#6 being lowered

bell with headstock & cannons.

bell after crown staples and cannons were removed

the epoxy resin pads in place

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Phase 2 (May 1, 1999 - June 12, 1999)

layout of the bells

grillage beams in place

unloading the headstocks

new fittings waiting to be installed

bell hanger from England Lowers a bell into new frame

the tenor bell resting on the frame

working the # 4

bell hanger at work

#3 in new frame

#5 in new frame

#4  in the new frame

all the bells installed, ropes on the wheels waiting to be tied,  June 10, 1999.

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Phase 3 (June 20,1999 - September 17,2000)

dean audrey peter

Ringing room prior to restoration.


Another view

ringing room

After Restoration

Bishop Bennison Blesses the room Oct. 24, 1999

The Bishop Blesses the Room

Peal Board

New Window

To read a wonderful article by writer Stephanie Cowell about the dedication weekend at Saint Mark's October 23, 24, 1999, please click The Bells of Saint Mark's, Philadelphia.


A few pictures of the Bells 

2 5 & 6

3 & 4

bells up

treble, 2, 5 and tenor from above

inside the five



angelus bell installed in 1876 frame


I would like to express my thanks to Mr. John Davis for the use of several of his pictures in the Phase I Section.  I would also like to thank Mr. A. Thomas Miller for the use of several of his pictures in the Phase II section. I would also like to thank Ms. Sue Clopper for her picture of the blessing of the ringing room.