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Ringing Assignments 

Ringing Events in Philadelphia



The Bells are rung by members of the Philadelphia Guild of Change Ringers which comprise members of Saint Mark's and Saint Martin's as well as other individuals from the larger community interested in bell ringing.  Individuals interested in learning change ringing are welcome to watch a ringing session. Lessons are available, or call 215-765-8736

 Weekly Practices

Wednesdays 7-8:30 p.m.

Most ringing sessions are concluded in a local pub.  In Chestnut Hill you will find us at the Chestnut Hill Grill after ringing at Saint Martins. In center city we usually end up at the Black Sheep Pub on 17th Street south of Locust Street.




Sundays Services

Please check out the page Ringing Assignments just to be sure we haven't switched the ringing time or tower for a Sunday. Visiting ringers and non-ringers are welcome unless a Quarter Peal is scheduled.

It is best to contact the ringing master before traveling to Philadelphia to ring in case of last minute adjustments to the schedule or call 215-765-8736.

Sunday Schedule

To see where and when we are ringing on Sunday mornings check out the Ringing Assignments  page.

Ringing Events in Philadelphia 2016

At Saint Mark's

On Sunday mornings parking is available on Locust Street from Rittenhouse Square to 15th street, with a Saint Mark's placard.

If you arrive late for a practice at Saint Marks and find yourself locked out of the church enter the garden and look for a sign.  There is a bell which you can ring mounted on a post in the  garden.  Wait for the bells to stand and push the button and someone will come down to let you in.

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