The Bells of Saint Marks were cast by Mears & Stainbank.   Bells 5-8 were cast in 1876.  Bells 1-4 were cast in 1878.

The notes given in the table below are approximate, and the error number next to the note reflects the the number of cents each note is off, relative to the nominal of the tenor.  One hundred cents equals one semitone.

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All of these pictures were taken either prior to the restoration or during the restoration. To see pictures of the bells after the restoration, check out the Construction Page.

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Treble F +30c 5ct 2qtrs 7lbs 623lbs The Festival Bell "My Mouth Shall Speak The Praise of the Lord"
#2 E -11c 5ct 3qtrs 1 lb 645lbs The Marriage Bell "Those Whom God Has Joined Together Let Not Man Put Asunder"
#3 D -8c 7ct 4lb 788lbs In Memory of Elizabeth Bowen Who Died 8th January A.D. 1875 Aged 63 Years "O Ye Spirits and Souls of the Righteous Bless Ye the Lord"
#4 C -6c 7ct 2qtrs 27lbs 867lbs In Memory of Marie Louise Moon Who Died 20th April A.D. 1861 Aged 8 Years "Without Fault Before The Throne Of God"
#5 Bflat-27c 8ct 3qtrs 3lbs 983lbs The Children's Bell  This Bell Was Bought With The Offerings Of The Sunday School "Ye Children Bless Ye The Lord; Praise Him And Magnify Him Forever."
#6 A -46c 10ct 1qtr 19lbs 1,167lbs In Loving Memory of John Edgar Thomson, Who Departed This Life 27th May, A. D. 1874 Aged 66 years. "Mark the Perfect Man, and Behold The Upright, The End Of That Man Is Peace."
#7 G -17 12ct 2qtrs 7lbs 1,407lbs The People's Bell "O Ye Servants Of The Lord Bless Ye The Lord"
Tenor F +1 17ct 3qtrs 18lbs 2,006lbs The Rectors Bell  This Peal Of Bells Was Cast For Saint Mark's Church, Philadelphia.  Revd E. A. Hoffman D. D. Rector A. D. 1876 "Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Of Hosts, Heaven and Earth Are Full Of Thy Glory."

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The first pictures on each link of  #2 and #3  were taken by Dr. Audrey Evans of Saint Mark's Parish and I would like to offer her thanks for the permitting me the use of her photographs. I would like to thank Mr. John Davis of Saint Mark's Parish for allowing me to use the photograph of  Bell # 6 and the  picture of Bell #5.