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The Article from The New York Times  An Ancient Practice that's Music to Their Ears, and More February 5, 2017

The Article  No Bats in this Church Belfry January 17, 2013 

The Article from The Clapper article "Bells on Trial" Vol. 15 No. 3, Summer, 1988.

The article Of Mushroom Clouds Quasi Modo and the Efforts of Mere Mortals from The Clapper Volume 26, Number 1 Winter 1999.

 The Article from The Clapper Volume 26, Number 3 Summer 1999, Saint Mark's Bells, The Grit, The Grime and The Glory.

The article by Mark Davis from the Philadelphia Inquirer on Monday June 14, 1999.

The story which aired on   NPR's Morning Edition July 2, 1999. (need Real Audio player)

  Poems about Saint Mark's Bells

In Statu Quo Ante Bellum a poem which first appeared in Philadelphia Sunday Dispatch in February 1877 after the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas restricted the ringing of the bells by Saint Mark's Church.

 Campanae S. Marci, a sonnet about Saint Mark's Bells by the Reverend Thomas P. O'Malley was first read by the author at the Fundraising Dinner on October 22, 1999.