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It is not surprising that Philadelphia, the city which houses the most historic bell in America, was and is an important center of bell ringing. The towers discussed in this website are towers with bells hung for English change ringing. There are currently two towers with operable change ringing bells in Philadelphia, though at one time there were more. One church, Saint Mark's Church is in Center City on Locust Street between 16th  and 17th Streets.  The other tower is  The Church of Saint Martin-in-the-Fields which is on the intersection of Willow Grove Avenue and Saint Martin's Lane, located in the fashionable Philadelphia neighborhood of Chestnut Hill. The Philadelphia Guild of Change Ringers unites the efforts of the two functioning towers and provides instruction and information to individuals and organizations interested in English change ringing.  There is a national bell ringing group to which most Philadelphia change ringers belong called the North American Guild of Change Ringers.  To find out more about the North American Guild, click on the link NAGCR above. 


The Church of Saint Martin-in-the-Fields

8000 Saint Martin's Lane (corner of Saint Martin's Lane & Willow Grove Avenue)
Philadelphia, PA 19118

Tenor Bell 4-2-8 (512 lbs.) ring installed in 1980.

watch a video of the ringing



Saint Mark's Church

1625 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Tenor Bell 17-3-18 (2006 lbs.) Re-hung for changing 1999.

watch a video of the ringing

13 mg


Enjoy the Bells! to hear the bells ring click on the Bell.

Quarter Peal of Grandsire Doubles (plus a few clinkers) rung at Saint Mark's Church, Philadelphia with a 768 cover.  There is 49 minutes of listening here, sit back and enjoy! (59M)


We Recruit

We are always looking for new recruits who would like to ring bells.  Change ringing is a hobby like few others.  Some people ring as a ministry for their church, much like singing in the choir and others ring just for the fun  and challenge of it.  We  ring on Sunday mornings.    We also ring for special church services and for weddings. We are a diverse group of people of varying degrees of faiths and beliefs.  We practice once a week for an hour and a half.  Most ringing sessions are concluded in a local pub.  In Chestnut Hill you will find us at the Chestnut Hill Grill after ringing at Saint Martin's. In center city we usually end up at the Black Sheep Pub.  Individuals interested in learning this ancient art should contact the ringing master via or the telephone 215-765-8736.



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